Chiropractors Marketing System



Set up $260

Connect makes sure you're not losing the easiest sales opportunities with quick communication and follow-up all in one place

SMS List Building

Keeps you in touch with current and

potential patients consistently

Missed Call Text Back

Customize reconnect campaign from your

missed calls by automatically reconnect

GMB Message + Campaign

Potential patients can now send you a

text message right from google message

WebChat + Campaign

Webchat + campaign system helps convert

your website visitors into new patients

Dynamic Monthly Newsletter

Automatically text your patients when they open your newsletter to encourages them to call

Facebook Posting System

Facebook strategy that will create a lasting impression is posting twice daily

Inbox One

All communications in one place. You and your team will have have access to your ,messages

Mobile App

With a push of a button manage interactions

with all your patients



Set up $480 *Reach spend included

Impact 100's of potential patients per month by leveraging your knowledge of the health benefits of Chiropractic Care

1 Video of Service FB & IG - *Reach

Designed to EDUCATE 100's potential new

patients on the power of chiropractic care

Drag & Drop Google Review

Makes it easy for your office to get reviews every and turn customer reviews into your competitive edge

90+ Backlinks System

Increase your rankings by generating and

maintaining 90+ powerful backlinks


Practice Information automatically gets pushed out to all citation sources, ensuring your critical information remains consistent across the web...



Set up $730 *Reach spend included

Empower is our Signature System. Reaching 1000's of potential patients per month. Be seen everywhere with our retargeting system

2 Video of Services FB & IG - *Reach

Designed to EMPOWER 1000's of potential new

patients on the power of chiropractic care

Build and Maintain Audience

Takes full advantage of your content. Maintaining a constant flow of potential patients to retarget

*Retargeting system

Potential patients will see you everywhere. We create and manage retargeting campaigns that keep attention

Install and Maintain Pixel

Effective way to advertise directly to people who showed some interest in your brand without running $21 offers...

...Plus Everything in 'Connect & Impact'

Empower Retargeting System

The Empower Retargeting System is designed is the best marketing for chiropractors by

offering a free consultation to potential new patients that have been engaging with your content for a minimize of 60 days. We do not run price-based offers and turn your practice into a commodity.

We stop you from jumping from marketing company to marketing company

that keeps your practice from growing!

FREE Training for the DYI Chiropractor...

Our How-To chiropractic guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how to reach 1000's if not 10's of thousands of people in your local community.

Nope, you don't have to hire us. Download your copy of the Online Community Outreach Guide then watch the free training that walks you thru our system on building your OWN Community Outreach Program- Using our $3 a day method...

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